Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The Feel Good.

Creativity. The mark of great beauty or the essence of dissent in society. To me, it seems, the only acceptable form of creativity and individual thought is that which is in no way offensive to the ideology of our existence on earth. If you live outside the box of reality you are seen as a being baring the tattoo of eccentricity. That being a mark that you inflicted upon yourself in order to further your own beliefs, and in the process becoming unacceptable to others.

Have we become anaesthetised to our own importance?

As the days go by, i turn on the news each morning or evening. This was once a source of knowledge for me. My existence has now motivated me to believe that it is an exercise in futility. Where does our truth reside if all our sources of knowledge are somehow governed by someone elses ideology. 

In writing this i am hoping that it will touch someone else. Touch you or the person you pass it on to. 

The beginning, the ending. The inhale, the exhale. 

The life, the existence. 

Deconstruction of language and the effects of pre-conceived terminology on our mindspace.

You will have to excuse the introduction. No hello how ya doin' talk. This is partially the fault of a long day at work.

I will try to be more fun next time i pass by. may be i will bring a knock knock joke, or some chocolate cake.

I'm going to eat some dinner, fold some clothes, turn on the tv and watch people sound bite the future presidents pastor (shame on them, for real, the man made an intelligent speech)

Until next time.

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I Sort Glass said...

Yes! yes indeed. My good friend has emerged in this curious world of net blog. I look forward to your postings lady.

Hugs and dinner!